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CoANA 2020-2021 Board of Directors Election - Candidate Slate

2020-21 Board of Directors Candidate Slate

Meet the dedicated members looking to serve on the CoANA Board of Directors. Look for special voting instructions via email and thank you for making your voice heard in Colorado!



Cody Burke, CRNA

Hello! My name is Cody Burke, I am the current Vice President and PAC Chair for COANA.I moved to Mancos, CO, with my beautiful wife (Aryn) and impish child (Benjamin who is currently 4) in 2017. Since then, we have expanded our family to include Eli, who is now 19 months old. We enjoy fishing, skiing, hiking, and camping all across the Centennial State. A little bit about me professionally: I am the Vice Chair of my Hospital Board at Southwest Health System, I sit on 7 professional committees throughout my facility, and I am now running for President Elect! While I currently work indy, I have been employed/contracted in every clinical practice model. My goal, if elected, is to represent the entirety of the Colorado CRNA membership.I believe that all Colorado CRNA’s should have a voice within COANA. I am acutely aware of professional and family/personal time constraints, but I hope to encourage member involvement at any and all levels. I am always available to the members by phone or email 24 hours/day. I look forward to serving you as the President Elect of the Colorado Association of Nurse Anesthetists.  "The perils of overwork are slight compared with the dangers of inactivity.” – Thomas A. Edison

Vice President

Kellie Logue, CRNA

Hello, my name is Kellie Logue and I have been recently asked to volunteer as Vice President of CoANA by several Colorado CRNAs. I would be honored to accept such a position if offered. I have been your Chair of PR and Board Member for the last year. I add a fresh perspective to the board and new ideas that could balance the more experienced members of the board. I have worked in a variety of settings including ACT, independent, and office-based anesthesia. I have been a staff CRNA and now serve as the Director of Anesthesia for my hospital and pain management program. This gives me a unique perspective of understanding many settings. I truly feel our association should equally represent all CRNAs of the state of Colorado regardless of what setting they practice. I would love to mobilize more involvement and connections between members. My hope is to serve the members by representing the issues most important to them. I want to be open, approachable, and honest so CRNAs across Colorado feel their voice will be heard. Again, I would be honored to serve you within our professional organization and volunteer my free time to make sure your voice is heard. Thank you for your consideration.


Katie Hornbaker, CRNA

My name is Katie Hornbaker and have practiced as a solo CRNA in Granby, Colorado for six years. It is time to give back to the profession and state I love so much and would be honored to fill a seat on the board of COANA. I am originally from the midwest and worked independently at a level one trauma facility for five years. While I respect all models of anesthesia practice I want to advocate for full scope of practice utilization.

I have practiced completely opioid-free for two years and opioid sparring for six. As CRNAs we have committed ourselves to being life long learners and we should strive to be proficient in the latest evidenced-based techniques. Having started an opioid-free and ultrasound guided regional anesthesia program in my current hospital, I am very familiar with the barriers Colorado CRNAs may encounter and would love to be able to provide resources and a fresh prospective.

My professional experience is only a small portion of what makes me truly dedicated to anesthesia and Colorado. I exemplify confidence, work with compassion and lead others to do the same. I am honored to be considered for a board position and if elected I would proudly represent COANA with a high level of professionalism.


Steve Weaver, CRNA

Steve Weaver is a CRNA with CRH Medical since 2016.  He retired from the U.S. Army in 2014, as a Major, after serving in a variety of roles; the last being a CRNA at Tripler Medical Center and serving the 21st CSH in Afghanistan.  Steve received his anesthesia training through the U.S. Army and North Eastern University in 2010. Currently, he provides anesthesia in an ambulatory surgical environment and is pursuing the start of a CRNA owned anesthesia practice.  Outside of anesthesia, he is a partner in a small fitness business. Steve is responsible for the finance, accounting, and operations of the venture.

Lisa Pearson, CRNA NSPM-C

Lisa Pearson has served on the CoANA Board as well as act State Reimbursement Specialist and Federal Political Director.